Friday, 20 September 2013

The last Chateaux Gelato week of the summer!

Good news, this weekend looks like we've got some bonus sunny warm days for September! Bad news is, its going to be Chateaux Gelato's last week at the markets till next summer!

So here is the creme de la creme of menu's for the final week, 

At Broadway market we'll have:

From gelupo: pistachio
                      Almond and honey

From gino:     Salted carmel
                      Raspberry sorbet

From 3bis:     Chocolate 
                      Coffee (its a great coffee)

Followed by, in no particular order, as we sell out: panna cotta, strawberry sorbet, frozen yogurt with berries, mascarpone and figs

Then on sunday at Chatsworth Road market in clapton we'll have:

From La Gelatiera:  Almond
From 3bis:              Peach sorbet
                              Mint chocolate chips
From Gino:             Chocolate
                              Red miso and caramel
See you there!  CG

Saturday, 7 September 2013

This weekend's gelato!

Its Festival weekend at Chatsworth Road so tomorrow is both a bit of a come back, as we've been away for a few sundays, but also there will be lots going on!

Got some great flavours this weekend from 3Bis Borough Market, Gelupo and Gino Gelato.

On Broadway Market today 12.20 - 5pm

From Gelupo:
                      Almond & Honey
                      Dark Chocolate Sorbet
                      Kiwi, Gin and elderflower Sorbet
From Gino:
                      Red Miso & Salted Caramel
                      Raspberry Sorbet

On Chatsworth Road Market tomorrow 12 - 4pm

From Gelupo:
From 3Bis:
                     Mint Chocolate Chips
                     Panne Cotta
From Gino:
                    Raspberry Sorbet

See you there! CG

Friday, 2 August 2013

Broadway Market get ready for gelato!

Flavours for this week at Broadway Market will be:

From La Gelatiera: Honey, Rosemary and Orange Zest

From 3Bis: Strawberry Sorbet

From Gelupo: Bitter Dark Chocolate Sorbet
                       Frozen Yogurt with Sour Cherries
                       Salted Caramel

From Gino Gelato: Pistachio

With these others making appearances later in the day as the others sell out: Mascarpone and Figs, Lemon Custard Cream, Bellini Sorbet, Raspberry Sorbet, Chocolate Gelato)

**Chatsworth Road Customers - I'm sorry to say I wont be there this week, but will be back soon.**

Friday, 26 July 2013

Menu Speciale

This week I am really pleased to be launching new flavours from 3bis gelateria Borough Market.

Relative new comers in London's artisan Gelato scene, but making very fine traditional italian gelato using only the best ingredients, Chateaux Gelato thought it well worth peddling these treats out east for you to try.

Broadway Market:

From 3Bis: Pistachio, Strawberry, Mint and Chocolate Chips

From La Gelatiera: Popcorn, Caramel and Espresso, Bellini Sorbet

From Gino: Dark Chocolate

Chatsworth Road Market:

From 3Bis: Chocolate, Strawberry, Mascarpone and Figs

From Gino: Peanut Butter with Salted Caramel, Pistachio

From La Gelatiera: Bellini Sorbet

Fingers crossed, the rain won't come this weekend! See you at the market - CG

Friday, 19 July 2013

Gelato update

Hey All,

Hope you're all enjoying the sun! Its been a very gelati week, with CG tasting lots of very fine flavours at 3Bis in Borough market, which I'll soon be sharing with you on the stall.

This weekend we're looking forward to more hot hot days at Broadway Market and Chatsworth Road Market, and here are the flavours to expect...

On Broadway Market:

From Gino Gelato:
Blueberry Sorbet
Salted Caramel
Strawberry Sorbet

From La Gelatiera:
Basil and Chilli Sorbet
Chocolate with Candied Orange and Hazelnut

And, as this first batch sells out, these many delights:

Frozen Yogurt with Berries, Raspberry Sorbet, White Peach Bellini, Ameretti Biscuits, Pina Colada, Peanut Butter with Salted Caramel, Chocolate, Custard Cream with Lemon Zest

On Chatsworth Road Market:

From La Gelatiera:
Chocolate and Pear Sorbet

From GINO:
Mojito Sorbet
Raspberry Sorbet
Salted Caramel

See you there!


Friday, 12 July 2013

The Menu

This weekend for your delight and pleasure we will firstly be serving:

Gelupo's: Pine Nut and fennel gelato,  Frozen Yogurt with Sour Cherries,  Chocolate Sorbet

Gino's: Mango Sorbet,  Salted Caramel gelato,  Pistachio

(and when these are done, don't worry I'll bring supplies: Cherry and Sambucca,  Lemon Sorbet, Strawberry Eton Mess,  Hazelnut,  Peach and Prosecco (back by popular demand),  Mojito,  Raspberry Sorbet)

At Broadway Market 12 - 5pm, outside the Cat and Mutton!

Then on Sunday at Chatsworth Road Market:

From Gelupo:

Sorrento Lemon Sorbet,  Mexican Chocolate Sorbet

From Gino's:

Salted Caramel,  Pistachio,  Strawberry With Balsamic Vinegar,  Raspberry Sorbet

All Freshly made with 100% natural ingredients.

All available in a cup with a wafer or in a Brioche bun!

Friday, 5 July 2013

El Scorchio!

Hey guys

Looks like its going to be a top gelato weekend for us at Broadway Market and Chatsworth Road Market.

Here's what I'll be peddling:

Broadway market 12- 5pm:

Black Forest Gateaux
Peach and Prosecco
Salted Caramel
Strawberry Sorbet

And I know these will sell out, so I've also got, Ricotta Sour Cherries, Mojito, Blueberry Sorbet, Raspberry sorbet, up my preverbal sleeves for you.

For Chatsworth Road 11am - 4pm:

Strawberry Eton Mess (in support of wimbledon!)
Frozen yogurt With Sour Cherries
Malted Banana
Chocolate Sorbet
Peanut Butter with Salted Caramel

All from Gelupo and Gino artisan gelateria's

Also BREAKING NEWS, a lovely customer suggested to me a Sicilian treat called gelato con brioche, well I tried it the other day, and its pretty much amazing, so I'll be launching this at Chatsworth Road on Sunday.   Chateaux gelato's first gelato brioche dog!

I don't know of anywhere else in the Uk doing this treat, so we could call it a premier... but that could be going a bit far.

See you this weekend!

Friday, 28 June 2013

Despite today, I hear its going to be a sunny summer weekend!

So I have planned a feast of a menu for both markets!

Broadway get ready for:

               Frozen Yoghurt with Sour Cherries
               Bonet (Rum, espresso, caramel, vanilla, amaretti)
               Pine Nut and Fennel
              Raspberry Sorbet
              Dark Chocolate Sorbet

Chatsworth prep yourself for:

             Coconut Gelato
             Raspberry Sorbet

              Caramel Pecan
              Bitter Dark Chocolate Sorbet


Saturday, 15 June 2013

Today we've got an exciting menu!

Just done todays menu! Come down and see us at Broadway Market! We've got:

from Gelupo:
                   Ricotta Coffee and Honey
                   Caramel and Pecan
from Gino:
                   Chocolate and Amertti Biscuits
                   Strawberry Sorbet
                   After Eight Gelato

See you later, we'll be there from about 12 noon till 5pm

Also we got a mention in an article in London Living the other day, read it here:

Hoping to be at Chatsworth Road this weekend if the weather holds out!

Friday, 7 June 2013

Funfair weekend! (I love the fair, 2nd to gelato)

Funfair at London Fields!

Gelato Flavours to add to the fun will be::

Broadway Market, Saturday, 12 - 5pm

From La Gelatiara:    Honey, Rosemary and Orange Zest
From Gelupo:            Frozen Yoghurt with Sour Cherry
                                  Bitter Chocolate Sorbet (vegan)
From Gino Gelato:    Pistachio
                                  Blueberry Sorbet (vegan)
                                  Salted Caramel

With Gino's Mojito sorbet coming out later in the afternoon!

Chatsworth Road Market, Sunday, 11-4pm

From Gelupo:            Kiwi, Gin and Elderflower
                                  Bitter Chocolate Sorbet (vegan)
From Gino Gelato:    Peanut Butter with Salted Caramel
                                  Raspberry Sorbet (vegan)
                                  White Belgian Chocolate with English Berries

Friday, 24 May 2013

Bank Holiday weekend Gelato?

Apparently tomorrow and Sunday are going to be miraculously hotter and sunnier than today.. BRING IT ON!

Here are my flavours for the weekend:

Saturday at Broadway Market 12-5pm

from Gelupo: Ricotta, Coffee and Honey
                      Bitter Chocolate Sorbet
                      Frozen Yoghurt with Sour Cherries
                      Caramel and Pecan
from Gino:     Pistachio
                     Strawberry Sorbet

Sunday at Chatsworth Road 11- 4pm

from Gelupo: Bitter Chocolate Sorbet
                      Ricotta and Sour Cherry (as featured in The Stylist Magazine)
                      Rhubarb Eton Mess
from Gino:    Pistachio
                     Raspberry Sorbet

Did you see the stylist's gelato article ? I had a lot of people giving me clippings which is so sweet. I love it when people get excited about good gelato and where to find it!

Monday, 20 May 2013

Fan photo!

Here's a snapshot that a friendly customer has kindly sent in from the week before last when we did the WA flavour gelato launch. You can just see in the background the lurking sun and shower cloud combination that blessed us with its presence! 

PS Best flavour recommendations from customers last week were: Strawberry, Basil and Black Pepper from Broadway Market and Rice Pudding Gelato from Chatsworth Road.

Keep 'em coming people.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Chateaux Gelato portrait by photographer Jorn Tomter

What a treat to have our picture taken by local portrait photographer Jorn Tomter! You can see the rest of his beautiful portraits on his website

Friday, 3 May 2013

Western Australia Flavour Launch tomorrow! Plus special offer

2 Western Australia flavour gelati launching this Broadway Market and Netil360!

Get one of these delicious WA flavours half price, by liking my facebook page: Sophie For Taste Master

Broadway Market 12 - 4.30pm
La Gelatiera's :  Mystery Australian flavour 1
Gino's:              Mystery Australian flavour 2
                         Salted Caramel
                         Raspberry Sorbet
Gelupo:             Chocolate Gelato

Netil 360 5pm - 10pm
La Gelatiera's:  Mystery Australian flavour 1
                        Pina Colada Sorbet
Gino's:             Mystery Australian flavour 2
                        Peanut Butter with Salted Caramel
                        Dark Chocolate Gelato
                        Strawberry Cheesecake

Chatsworth Road 11am - 4pm
Gino's:            Vanilla
                       Lemon Sorbet
Gelupo:          Blood Orange Sorbet
La gelatiera:   Honey, Rosemary and Orange Zest                       

Thursday, 2 May 2013

New FOOD blog!

Hey Guys

I have a new food blog reviewing more than just gelato!

Read it here:

This weekends gelato flavours to be announced tonight (except two mysterious Western Australia Flavour gelati).

See you soon!

Friday, 26 April 2013


Hi Guys


Those that follow my fb page will know i've been shortlisted to be Australia's next Taste Master, in the competition for The Best Job in the World!! One of 25 from around the world and 45,000 applicants.

It's the opportunity to eat and drink my way around one of the worlds most beautiful islands (australia), it's a tough job, but I'm feeling up to it!

Please help me win the job by liking my facebook page and sharing the word.

I'll be posting foodie interviews on my #sophiefortastemaster fb page every day.

I'm also creating a Western Australia (WA) flavour gelato! And I want your suggestions for flavours, post them on facebook.... Kangaroo flavour gelato? Bush berries?

I'll actually be making and selling the best WA flavour gelato from my trike at Broadway market and afterwards at netil house 360 on Saturday 4th May, so come and try some!

To support what I'm doing and get me the job of a lifetime, like and share my fb page and follow me on twitter @sophie20howard

Thanks guys!!

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Flavours for this weekend!

Hi everyone,

Those of you that follow my twitter (@ChateauxGelato) know I was out tasting last night - yum! If you're in Soho, Gelupo have an incredible Ricotta and Sour Cherry Gelato at the moment. But if you're only East, I will have them make me a tub very soon - watch this space.

This weekend Chateaux gelato will be serving:

To Broadway Market:
From Gino:       Pistachio
                        Salted Caramel
                        Strawberry Cheesecake
From Gelupo:   Choclate Sorbet
                        Blood Orange Sorbet
From La gelatiera: Matcha Green Tea

To Chatsworth Road:
From Gino:       Pistachio
                        Peanut Butter with Salted Caramel
                        Raspberry Sorbet
From gelupo:    Chocolate Sorbet
From la Gelatiera: Honey, rosemary and Orange Zest

See you there!


Friday, 19 April 2013

Flavours of the week!

After a mega sell out at Chatsworth road last weekend, there's excitement for tomorrow's '1st of the summer' at Broadway Market! 

Broadway Market 12 noon - 5pm:

from La Gelatiera:
Honey with Rosemary and Orange Zest 
Peanut Butter
Pina Colada Sorbet 

from Gelupo: 
Strawberry Sorbet

from GINO: 
Dark Chocolate

Chatsworth Road Market 11am - 4pm:

from GINO: 
Blueberry and Lavender Sorbet
Mango Sorbet

from Gelupo:
Milk Chocolate
Rhubarb Eton Mess

from La Gelatiera:
Peanut Butter

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Friday, 18 January 2013

New finds

This winter I've been 'sampling' a few different gelateries in london. 
Its a hard job y'know, but the benefits will be fruitful for all! 
I've made agreements with Oddono's of Selfridges (and a few other branches in the west) to make some flavours for Chateaux Gelato when the summer comes.  
Their artisan gelato is super authentic italian style, with great classic flavours and yummy texture.  
Cant't wait!