Friday, 7 June 2013

Funfair weekend! (I love the fair, 2nd to gelato)

Funfair at London Fields!

Gelato Flavours to add to the fun will be::

Broadway Market, Saturday, 12 - 5pm

From La Gelatiara:    Honey, Rosemary and Orange Zest
From Gelupo:            Frozen Yoghurt with Sour Cherry
                                  Bitter Chocolate Sorbet (vegan)
From Gino Gelato:    Pistachio
                                  Blueberry Sorbet (vegan)
                                  Salted Caramel

With Gino's Mojito sorbet coming out later in the afternoon!

Chatsworth Road Market, Sunday, 11-4pm

From Gelupo:            Kiwi, Gin and Elderflower
                                  Bitter Chocolate Sorbet (vegan)
From Gino Gelato:    Peanut Butter with Salted Caramel
                                  Raspberry Sorbet (vegan)
                                  White Belgian Chocolate with English Berries

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