Friday, 26 April 2013


Hi Guys


Those that follow my fb page will know i've been shortlisted to be Australia's next Taste Master, in the competition for The Best Job in the World!! One of 25 from around the world and 45,000 applicants.

It's the opportunity to eat and drink my way around one of the worlds most beautiful islands (australia), it's a tough job, but I'm feeling up to it!

Please help me win the job by liking my facebook page and sharing the word.

I'll be posting foodie interviews on my #sophiefortastemaster fb page every day.

I'm also creating a Western Australia (WA) flavour gelato! And I want your suggestions for flavours, post them on facebook.... Kangaroo flavour gelato? Bush berries?

I'll actually be making and selling the best WA flavour gelato from my trike at Broadway market and afterwards at netil house 360 on Saturday 4th May, so come and try some!

To support what I'm doing and get me the job of a lifetime, like and share my fb page and follow me on twitter @sophie20howard

Thanks guys!!

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