Friday, 20 September 2013

The last Chateaux Gelato week of the summer!

Good news, this weekend looks like we've got some bonus sunny warm days for September! Bad news is, its going to be Chateaux Gelato's last week at the markets till next summer!

So here is the creme de la creme of menu's for the final week, 

At Broadway market we'll have:

From gelupo: pistachio
                      Almond and honey

From gino:     Salted carmel
                      Raspberry sorbet

From 3bis:     Chocolate 
                      Coffee (its a great coffee)

Followed by, in no particular order, as we sell out: panna cotta, strawberry sorbet, frozen yogurt with berries, mascarpone and figs

Then on sunday at Chatsworth Road market in clapton we'll have:

From La Gelatiera:  Almond
From 3bis:              Peach sorbet
                              Mint chocolate chips
From Gino:             Chocolate
                              Red miso and caramel
See you there!  CG

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